Gray Daze in Nottingham. [review and photos]

Yesterday, Gray Daze played at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. We have a review written by Christian Gould and a photo gallery for you.

We’re at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham on this chilly Tuesday evening for the second date of Grey Daze’s first UK tour. Grey Daze were founded in 1993 by Sean Dowdell and the late, great Chester Bennington. Chester had planned to record new music with Grey Daze before his untimely death in 2017 and the #ForYouChester tour is intended to both honour and celebrate his life.



Octavia Wakes

Opening the show are local band, Octavia Wakes. It’s a slightly nervous start from the young alt-rockers but they soon settle into a solid rhythm. The band is fronted by vocalist, Maia, who delivers an accomplished performance on the stand out single „Villain”. 

High Regard

Up next it’s High Regard who explode onto the stage in a frenzy of energy and noise. Infectious groovy riffs, melodic vocals, intricate bass lines and the occasional brutal breakdown – it’s a very modern approach to alternative rock but it’s definitely getting the attention of the crowd. The trio of Georgia, Matt and Tom criss-cross the stage in a whirlwind of chaos, whipping the audience into a frenzy. It’s difficult to believe they formed in 2021 given how assured and confident their performance is. High Regard certainly live up to their name.

Grey Daze

The theme from A Clockwork Orange rings out across a crowded main stage and it’s finally time for Grey Daze. As Alex suggests the crowd ready themselves for a „bit of the old ultraviolence”, new frontman, Cris Hodges launches himself onto the stage and rips straight into Saturation. In an interview with Live Rock, Cris told us that he’s aware that he has „big shoes to fill” but he’s definitely honouring Chester’s Legacy tonight with a commanding vocal performance and electrifying stage presence. 

Grey Daze are without their bassist, Mace Beyers, who has had to fly back to the US following a personal tragedy. It’s a sadly poignant reflection of the loss which inspired this tour. Grey Daze had suggested that they would be showing the future direction of the band and playing some new music on this tour, however, it’s understandable that this has been postponed with Mace’s absence. The band instead rattle through a setlist drawing heavily from Amends with a few additions from The Phoenix. It’s a beautiful moment when Cris Hodges leaves the stage and leads the crowd in a rendition of totemic ballad, In Time, from the barriers. 

Overall the evening is a wonderful celebration of Chester and his influence but it’s a shame that the planned rebirth of the band has been impacted by personal circumstances. Cris is an exciting frontman and we look forward to seeing Grey Daze’s new direction when the time is right.

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